rejoice in the lovable oddity of things.

Roll, Pitch, Yaw.

This is what I did at work yesterday.

roll, pitch, yaw. confused? 🙂

Yep, I relearned which parts of an airplane control how it moves through the air. Ailerons, flaps, slats, rudder, elevator. Also, the ins and outs of jet engines, turboprops, reciprocating engines. Ah the joys of working for an air-taxi company. Actually, I find this stuff really interesting, and am glad our operations guy can dumb it down to a place I can understand!

Working for ImagineAir has been such a blessing for me over the past couple years. It was my first “big girl” job, and I gained valuable experience there back in 2009-2010. Then they came to my rescue again by letting me work part time before I begin Teach for America this summer. They are the best! Definitely check them out. Also, look what randomly got delivered to the office yesterday.

Yummm. 🙂

It was for Romeo’s Pizza, a new pizza place in Lawrenceville. What a great marketing strategy! I really want to try that veggie pizza. Eggplant and goat cheese? Yes, please.


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