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72 Hours of Nonstop Travel!

This has been the longest, most travel packed 3 days ever! I tried to catch my connecting flight to Toyko on Saturday and was soooo close. They put me on the plane and everything. But then they took me off. Talk about serious letdown. That is, until I was waiting for Leigh Ellen to pick me up from the airport (lifesaver) and I met Stevie Wonder! I would have a picture to prove it but apparently his entourage is not familiar with the intricate operations of the iPhone camera.

Anywho, spent the night in ATL and got to the airport bright and early to try standby round two. This time I got on and got two seats to myself! Worth missing the first flight. After 13.5 hours, we made it to Tokyo where I got upgraded to first class for the trip from Tokyo to Bangkok! Talk about out of my league. It was super nice and I thoroughly enjoyed my champagne, full quilt, and reclining seat. I did not, however, enjoy Mr. I drank too much champagne and will now snore for 3 hours.

So now after 20 hours of pretty much straight flying, I get to Bangkok where Lacey picks me up from the airport. We get to our hotel around 1 a.m. but still go look around the city bit. Then we are up at 6:15 to meet the Stray Asia tour group that we will travel with for the next couple of days. Fast forward another 7.5 hours on a public and we finally arrive in Sukhothai!










The last picture is our guesthouse in Sukhothai, which is the old capital of Thailand. The ruins are from the ancient city, and were ridiculously cool. Everybody in our group rented bikes for the night for 30 baht ($1) and rode around looking at everything. Then we had a fantastic meal at a local Thai place. I had baked rice in a coconut. OMG best thing ever!

We left Sukhothai the next morning and took a bus to Chiang Mai where Lacey and I are staying for about a week until Meri gets here! And I am in love with this city already. We’ve already been to a Muay Thai boxing match (pictures above) and done the Night Bazaar market. But more on that to come!

Songkran starts tomorrow. It is going to be wild.


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