rejoice in the lovable oddity of things.

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Here we go.

Six years since I’ve written a blog. Wow.

I’m not quite sure where this new endeavor is headed yet, but I’ve decided it’s time to branch out and try new things. Rejoice in the lovable oddity of life again. This blog is my attempt to do so.

I’ve got lots of ideas and plans, but in reality, it will probably just be random blurbs and rants from my day-to-day life as a graduate student/environmental policy newsletter writer/sales and marketing assistant/runner; activities that have pretty much taken over my life.

The inspiration for the blog title comes from an old book I found in England called Prayers of the Ark. It was also the inspiration for my latest tattoo (pictures later). I absolutely love this poem.

updated photo!

my new sidepiece tattoo!

“Prayer of the Elephant” by Carmen Bernos DeGasztold

Dear God,
it is I, the elephant,
Your creature,
who is talking to You.
I am so embarrassed by my great self,
and truly it is not my fault
if I spoil Your jungle a little with my big feet.
Let me be careful and behave wisely,
always keeping my dignity and poise.
Give me such philosophic thoughts
that I can rejoice everywhere I go
in the lovable oddity of things.

“There are lots of odd things inside us. Take a moment. Turn your attention inward and just notice all uniqueness, quirks, passions, curiosities, and eccentricities. We all have them. There are also a lot of odd people around us. Take a moment to just look around. Go ahead, look around the room at all the individuals with their quirks, gifts and peculiar ways of being.” – Doug Kraft

Relax, embrace, and love your oddities. That’s my plan.

So here we go. April 21, 2011. Nothing significant about this date except it’s the start of lovable.oddity. Let’s see what happens.


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