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A Star is Born.

Yesterday, we had a double baby shower at ImagineAir. And this morning, my boss at my other job found out she is having a girl! I am surrounded by pregnant women! But I love how happy and glowing they are. Plus, baby showers are an excuse for this feast.

"A Star is Born" themed baby shower. And yummy food!

My iPhone pics aren’t the best, but we had a spread of sliders, wings, chicken salad, chips and salsa, and desserts galore. Unfortunately, EVERY dessert had chocolate in it. Talk about temptation.

The stars on the wall are filled with baby pictures of my coworkers. Check out the one my mom emailed in for me. 🙂

baby Paige.

My coworker, Brooke, did an excellent job setting everything up. Definitely a success! Plus, we got party favors.

All the other favors had Raisinets. My no chocolate run means I get Sour Patch Kids. No complaining here! 🙂


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